5 Best Entry-Level IT Certifications

by Sunny Hoi

In a world where information technology is increasingly becoming more significant in our lives, work experience prevails above all. Nevertheless, what do you have to accomplish to get your foot in the door, without any provable experience or a postsecondary degree? The answer pertains to certifications.

Certifications serve as routes in proving yourself to potential employers and validate that you possess the skills and capabilities to finish the work that needs to be completed correctly.

This article points out the top 5 entry-level IT certifications for getting started in the Information Technology industry:

1. CompTIA A+

This certification is deemed the baseline for every Information Technology career. Dependant on your whereabouts, CompTIA A+ and an aspiration to transcend could be all you need to get your first help desk job! Notably, the certification deals with numerous subjects, ranging from basic hardware and software to exhaustive troubleshooting labs, where the general objective is to pinpoint and repair the concealed virtual issue.

The cost of exam vouchers is relatively reasonable, starting at $200 for the two exams needed. Not surprisingly, it is possible to find discounts on the internet, which can drastically reduce the cost of your exam.

2. CompTIA Network+

If you attained your A+ and you’re inclined to take on a bigger challenge, CompTIA Network+ is one you should consider. This certification is a comprehensive view at exactly in what way and why networks function, deriving from the diversity of cables that contemporary networks employ, to network topologies and protocols. This exam is merely one test in contrast to the two exams required for CompTIA A+. Successfully passing this exam grants you towards an IT career. More importantly, this certification is acknowledged as a requirement for anyone who desires to persist climbing the IT job ladder.

3. CompTIA Security+

This test signifies security compared to CompTIA Network+ resembling networks. This is a comprehensive view of encryption methods, steganography, and the well-known methods to intrude into a computer network. Have you ever pondered on how a blackhat hacker can take control of your computer or even steal your identity? Studying for this certification will disclose many methods which you may never have thought of. CompTIA Security + is usually required to be hired into an IT position working for the United States Government. The certification permits you to comprehend the learned material genuinely.

4. CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician)

Cisco presents various examinations, known as the ‘InterConnecting Network Devices’ examinations, to illustrate proficiency of Cisco devices. Since Cisco is the largest maker of enterprise-level networking equipment globally. Thus, it is extremely beneficial to learn and grasp the usage of Cisco equipment. Finishing the ICND1 exam grants you the CCENT certification which is a nice way to continue growing an IT resume. Moreover, completing the ICND1 exam permits you the opportunity also to complete the ICND2 which yields the CCNA certification.

5. CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

This certification is acquired by passing the ICND2 exam. It builds on the fundamental knowledge of the ICND1 exam. By successfully completing the ICND2, the certification opens up more career opportunities that were previously not available.

Since the world today is extremely dependant on Cisco hardware and software, the CCNA grants you the chance to work practically anywhere in the world that stores an enterprise-sized Cisco network. What is great about the CCNA is that it provides you limitless opportunities to work somewhere where you’ve never experienced before.


The successful completion of these entry-level IT certifications can potentially make a difference in your life since it can allow you to transfer into a career which you truly enjoy. Cisco Certified Network Associate salaries for U.S based job positions start in the $50,000 range which eventually leads to six-figure annual incomes for experienced technicians. Since the IT industry is in high demand of skilled workers, it’s relatively easy to take the initiative of renovating your life in exchange for a couple of months of studying time!

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