5 Methods To Rank A Churn And Burn Website

by Sunny Hoi

A churn and burn website permits you to experiment with every blackhat tool conceivable to rank in search engines. Ultimately, a churn and burn site receives a manual penalty from Google, though the information you accumulate and the experience in ranking a site are imperative for learning SEO. Professional blackhats retain their secrets such as quick ranking. Nevertheless, this article presents five methods for creating and experimenting with a churn and burn site.

1. Find A Cheap Web Hosting Solution

The first step is to find a cheap web host that lets you make a site without putting a dent in your wallet. Keep in mind that a free web hosting solution will not suffice since they place restrictions on what you are allowed to do on your site. You require mastery of your code. A web hosting company such as GoDaddy frequently hold sales where you can purchase domains for the mere price of 99 cents.

Love them or hate them. GoDaddy often offers good deals.

What you need to do after finding and buying cheap hosting is to install WordPress and a free theme. However, remember that free themes often include hidden links. Thus you probably don’t want to get entangled from an error like a common theme with hidden links.

2. Using XRumer and the Importance of Spam Links

A primary tool for every blackhat SEO is XRumer. You require spam links to quickly rank your site. Fortunately, time is needed before search engines recognize spam links. Hence you can try XRumer for a couple months before the site gets detected and affected by Penguin.

XRumer is commonly marketed as a search engine optimization utility despite the reality pointing it as a forum spamming software.

If you don’t know how to use XRumer or you’re just too lazy to learn and purchase it, consider hiring people that specialize in SEO from Fiverr. They can do backlink jobs, but their links are typically low quality which may be inadequate. The spam from Fiverr exerts low-quality directories that are normally ignored by Google’s algorithm. Therefore, it’s best to discover site links by yourself. The leading technique is to use a mixture of good and bad sites to increase popularity. If you are capable of automating links on good sites, you may carry out a churn and burn much more quickly and easily.

If you don’t know how to operate XRumer, your only option may be someone else doing the SEO work for you.

3. Purchase Social Media Engagement Services

Social media is a phenomenal technique to get more quick traffic. Churn and burn sites need quicker action, therefore purchase social media profiles for Facebook and Twitter. Also, purchase followers and likes. Convince the people you know to like your pages. Eventually, these pages possess your link which enables you to market your web page across social media with profiles that don’t touch your real profile.

Social media engagement ideas are fundamental to the goal of a churn and burn website.

4. Purchase Aged Domains and 301 Redirect Those Domains

Aged domains typically have many backlinks you can use for maximum advantage. Do note that aged domains sell very quickly. Hence you should keep track of the domain auctions. After you have bought the name, redirect the domain to your fresh churn and burn site. This enables you to acquire the advantage of redirecting visitors from search engines and the SEO link juice benefits.

Aged domains come in numerous forms.

5. Scrapebox and Spinners

You have to remember a churn and burn site that doesn’t have content is essentially worthless. Many years ago, you could rank a site solely with links, but you require content now for ranking.

Scrapebox is a tool that enables you to harvest links that rank on the Google’s first page for particular phrases. This indicates that these ranking links usually have great content. Thus it is important for you to harvest the content and spin it.

It’s Scrapebox. What more can I say?

Inevitably, the content will, of course, be terrible. It will eventually lead you to obtain a manual penalty you can’t avoid.You won’t be able to retain any visitors with spun content, yet the purpose of this effort is to rank a site quickly, make some money and then lose the site in a few months. Scrapebox and a spinner allow you to spin thousands of pages quickly.

This article has provided some techniques for a churn and burn site. These types of sites are utmost blackhat sites. Nonetheless, they can make you lots of money before they get penalized. The valuable learning experience not only lies in profitability but also shows in being able to use these sites to assess search engine algorithms. If someone is uncertain how backlinks affect ranking, experimenting with a chum and burn site is a decent idea. Churn and burn sites provide opportunities to learn how search engines function and revenues can be made to subsidize a longstanding endeavor subsequently.

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