5 Tips On How To Market Your eBooks

by Sunny Hoi

Marketing an eBook doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. Whether you have a book about monkeys, home organization, or self-improvement, it’s possible to promote your book online. Although marketing might seem overwhelming at first, the truth is that you can quickly learn how to reach out and find new readers. With a bit of time, a good attitude, and a solid marketing plan, you’ll find that selling your book is easier than you ever thought.


  • Not all books can be promoted the same way

If you publish multiple books in the same genre, marketing is going to be much simpler. This is because your books will have the same target audience. It’s a lot easier to market five books to a group of college-aged readers than to market five different books to five different demographics. If you have books in different genres, you’ll need to realize that the way you promote your books is going to be different. You can promote your home organization book, for example, on housekeeping blogs. Your mystery novels will probably do better in a horror magazine or with an ad placed on a spooky website.


  • Marketing takes time

Marketing isn’t something that you can do once and be done with it. Unfortunately, marketing requires time. This means that you’re going to have to work to promote your books on a regular basis and you’re going to have to do it for a long time. Many authors don’t see an increase in sales right away, but with dedication and persistence, your book sales will increase.


  • Marketing requires an investment

Marketing requires an investment, though not only monetarily. You’ll need to invest your time, your energy, and possibly your money in order to promote a book effectively. Many authors find that hiring a promotion company can help bring in new readers. Others choose to run an ad campaign. All of these things will require time as you look for the perfect publicist, but they’ll also require an initial financial investment until your book starts selling.


  • Don’t spam your friends

With the widespread use of Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, it might seem natural to post about your book on your social media profiles. Unfortunately, this rarely has the effect that you want. Instead of selling a million copies of your books, you may find that your friends remove you from their lists or simply begin to ignore you. While there’s nothing wrong with talking about your books, never spam your friends or pressure them to buy your book.


  • Utilize your books to sell other books

Finally, always make sure that your books are optimized to sell other books. If you publish print books, you should include a list of your other works in the back of the novel. If you choose to publish online through Kindle, make sure that your book includes links to other published novels. If someone enjoys your book, they’ll be more likely to buy other things that you’ve published. Having a list handy can lead to some easy sales.

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