5 Tips To Maximize Social Media Marketing To Increase Your SEO

by Sunny Hoi

The two most important interwoven strategies for your business promotion is social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Both of them are organic and inbound strategies that mainly focus on building the online presence of the business. This will naturally attract visitors and help the business to grow.

The fact is that social media very much depends upon the quality of the content. Just presenting your brand on social media and enlisting it will not help you to grow your business.

Proper SEO helps in maintaining a high-quality ranking in connection with the page build-up and content and marketing of the content of your business.

5 Tips To Build Your SEO With Social Media Marketing

1. Growth Of The Followers

The connections in social media have a great influence on the rankings of the business.

Proper use of keywords and useful content that is not spun can maximize the number of followers who will be interested in reading genuine content that is significantly helpful.

Proper visibility of keywords, but not cramming your website with these, will fetch your business a better ranking.

2. Increase The Followers On Social Media

A company that has about 100 Twitter followers will not have a good ranking compared to the millions of supporters on Twitter and Facebook.

Google can easily detect the quality of supporters, so it is important to build the followers organically. Consistency is the most important factor in this growth.

The best way is to present the brand in a unique and consistent manner to update the users on a daily basis.

3. Encourage External Inbound Links

The use of social media encourages external links to the content.

If you have more external links, you will have more authority. In this case, you can use hashtags in to gain more visibility for the initial rounds of syndication. This will help to improve social reputation, and your business can become an authoritative leader.

Apart from that, you must post some impressive and catchy content like video, images and graphic illustrations with short content and links on your social media pages to increase your website traffic.

In this case, you can simply write a few lines for social media platforms and connect them with your main blogs. So, people can easily click on the link posted on your social media pages and visit your main website.

4. Optimization Of Posts For Searches

Social media is also a perfect opportunity to engage in the local community by sending certain local specific authority signals.

The easiest ways are making updates and interacting with other local brands and establishments with social media.

5. Increase Brand Awareness

The SEO benefit is significant if you follow social media marketing strategies to increase your SEO. This is related to increase your reputation on social media.

This can be done through increased engagement as well as content syndication of very high quality. The increase in online brand presence will lead to more searches on Google.

The Role Of Social Media In Rankings

The role of social media is a very powerful tool, and the brands just cannot ignore. Social media can indirectly affect the rankings, and this is due to the power of community.

This is measured as per the size of the followers in social media. This also marks the authenticity and brand reputation of your company or organization.

The use of social media is definitely a highly valuable tool in its own way. But it can also increase the value when you actually leverage it to increase SEO.

Proper integration of social media sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter plug-in and even photo-sharing apps like Instagram can give a boost to your overall SEO ranking.

All these services attached with SEO can be taken care of by digital marketing companies such as Supple, which specializes in SEO strategies and thereby building a strategy which makes your company’s brand known to the target audience.  

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