About Sunny Hoi

By Sunny Hoi


Sunny Hoi – IT Security Professional, Blogger, and University of Toronto Alumnus.

Sunny Hoi is the very definition of an unprecedented individual, ceaselessly instituting the standards of excellence.

Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Sunny had a front row seat to the Information Age. He grew up with information technology – literally. He received his first computer when he was in kindergarten. Sunny started learning the mIRC scripting language (mSL) before entering the first grade. Shortly after, he picked up Visual Basic 6.0 quickly. His fascination for computers began promptly, and he immersed indefinitely.

He proceeded to learn various other programming languages over a relatively short period: C, C#, C++, Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and SQL. C-family programming languages are among Sunny’s favourites. Having mastered MITRE’s ATT&CK™, the OSSTMM, and OWASP Top 10, Sunny is a Network and Application Security Expert. Yes, he sounds like a computer geek trapped in the basement of his parents. But rest assured, when he talks about IT security, he knows it all.

As a security consultant and digital forensic analyst, he is actively engaged in technical research and development.

As a University of Toronto alumnus, Sunny is distinguished for his technical sophistication and unique capabilities.

Sunny calculates to the smallest detail. He holds an eminently concentrated thought and an incredibly strong intuition. He possesses an increased awareness of his surrounding environment and perceives things around him that other people typically do not. Significantly, Sunny holds the capability of creating associations between people/objects and the stimuli associated with them in ways most individuals can’t. Moreover, he perceives logic in things most individuals do not and continuously makes leaps in logic to an exceedingly accurate degree. He can read other people and situations exceedingly well and sees through deception. Hence, he cannot be manipulated easily.

Those that genuinely know Sunny perceive him as remarkably gifted, exceptionally intelligent, and stringently detail-oriented. He excels in numerous areas, showing talent in areas such as writing and music. He is not merely limited to being talented in IT security. Thus, he possesses the distinctive ability to excel in a broad range of skills and areas.

During his leisure hours, Sunny allocates a significant portion of his time to reading and learning. He believes in the importance of knowledge and being self-taught. Notably, he grasps things considerably quicker than most people and on a substantially deeper level. Furthermore, Sunny presumes that maintaining a consistent work ethic and being patient delivers optimistic results. Nothing substitutes hard work. It’s no surprise that his acquaintances are given a reasonable impression that Sunny seems to know and anticipate everything.

Sporadically misunderstood, Sunny grasps the importance of there being occasions where silence is the best answer. He acknowledges that if there is something that needs to be said, it ought to be slow and reflective. He appreciates that the ability to rule and attract success is within oneself. The obstructions that close these off from one are subject to their control.

Sunny believes to be successful in life, he or she must learn to differentiate themselves from others. In other words, people must delve into unconventional notions. By relying exclusively on the most traditional tactics and ideologies, no progress will ever be made. Following someone else’s path can sometimes be destined to fail. By innovating and creating one’s own path, the individual will have a significant chance of separating themselves from others.

Passions & Capabilities

Sunny’s notable IT passions include information security, Unix security, operations security, system administration, penetration testing, computer programming, reverse engineering, social engineering, cryptology, cryptographic protocols, quantum computing, digital forensics, intelligence analysis, OSINT gathering, malware analysis, intrusion detection, packet analysis, log analysis, and incident management.


Sunny’s expert understanding of cybersecurity is a resource that adds value to his readers. Hence, this blog provides cyber and technical expertise.

Readers can expect to derive technical knowledge from Sunny’s blog in the following cyber areas:

  • Penetration testing, including threat & vulnerability analysis.
  • Cyber defence, notably defending against cyber threats from sophisticated threat actors.
  • Securing vital networks & systems against continually evolving cyber threats.