by Sunny Hoi
Sunny Hoi

Sunny Hoi is the Founder, CEO, and Editor-In-Chief of 1337pwn. As a security consultant and digital forensic investigator, he is actively engaged in technical research and development. Sunny is distinguished for his technical sophistication and unique capabilities. He is a University of Toronto alumnus.

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Harold Kilpatrick

Harold Kilpatrick is a cyber security consultant and a freelance blogger. He’s currently working on a cyber security campaign to raise awareness around the threats that businesses can face online.

Julia Sowells Julia Sowells

Julia Sowells is a security geek with almost 5+ years of experience, writes on various topics pertaining to network security.

Melissa Lobo Melissa Lobo

Melissa is a young and energetic writer, a mom to a sweet little boy, and a fur-mom to two perfect pooches. Before becoming the Associate Content Director for Project Female, she was a journalist specializing in topics related to women in politics and policy affecting women.

Jarrett Jarrett

Jarrett is a Content Manager at Aronberg, Aronberg & Green. He’s highly experienced in writing about law. He writes on personal injury, accidents, slip-and-fall, DUI infractions, medical malpractice cases and more. He started his writing career at the very young age of 20. After all his experience, he now has a vast knowledge of law related topics.

Avatar Gracy Williams

Gracy Williams is the co-founder of InfosecUpdates, a blog dedicated to cybersecurity articles, and is enthusiastically engaged in cybersecurity research for more than a decade. At the moment, she is aiming to share her ideas with the world through the medium of writing.