Authorities Reportedly Arrest Member Of Chuckling Squad Who Hacked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

by 1337pwn Staff

Authorities have reportedly arrested a member who is purportedly part of The Chuckling Squad, a group of hackers that successfully compromised the Twitter account of CEO Jack Dorsey in August, Vice reports citing law enforcement and criminal sources.

Vice notes that the arrest occurred two weeks ago, according to one of the leaders of The Chuckling Squad, who goes by the alias Debug. The suspect was not named by Vice since they are a minor.

On August 30, The Chuckling Squad hacked Dorsey’s Twitter and began posting numerous offensive content, including bomb threats, racist messages, and retweeting antisemitic material, as well as tweeting of the hashtag #ChucklingSquad and linking to a Discord chat named “Chuckling Squad,” which was disabled 30 minutes later.

Dorsey’s Twitter account is of special interest to hackers since he is the highest-ranking executive in the microblogging and social networking service and had 4.2 million followers at the time of the security incident.

The Chuckling Squad deployed a type of account takeover fraud called SIM-swapping, where hackers will deceive a wireless provider like T-Mobile or Verizon into granting them control of a victim’s phone number to access the target’s Twitter account through two-factor authentication SMS codes.

According to Vice, the suspect acquired the phone number and the remaining hack was completed by other Chuckling Squad leaders such as Aqua and NuBLoM.

The suspect told Vice they had been arrested, but denied being involved in the hack of the Dorsey’s Twitter account.

Moreover, Vice reports that the detained suspect was responsible for various other cyberattacks, including one on Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Erin West.

The Chuckling Squad has hacked a number of other high-profile celebrities in the past, including Chloë Grace Moretz and Demi Lovato.

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