Comment Policy

By Sunny Hoi

My personal blog is a serious dissemination of all things technology and lifestyle oriented. Hence, this is a website that functions as an invaluable resource providing quality advice and information. One of the ways in which the site operates as a collective is by deploying an interaction element through the implementation of a comments section embedded within articles. To ensure that the quality of the communications among everyone remains high and that a sense of community is fostered, a stringent policy must be embraced.

While I am grateful for each comment submitted, if your comment does not pertain to the site’s comment policy, it will be dismissed. Relentless abuse of the policy enacted will prompt an indefinite ban of the origin Internet Protocol (IP) address.

If Your Comment Does Not Appear

If you submitted a comment on this blog and it does not become visible in a reasonable time period (1 to 2 business days), and you genuinely understand that it does not contravene the Comment Policies explicitly stated below on this page, please use the contact form to initiate contact with me.


Commenter’s name: You are required to use your real name or nickname when commenting. Any keywords written into the name field are strictly prohibited.

Valid Email: You are obliged to use a valid email address for commenting purposes. The email address is not published on the blog or shared with any public or private entity.

Fair Play: There will ought not to be the use of vulgar language, personal attacks, sexist, racist, or antagonistic comments deriving from you or other commenters. You are entitled to holding disagreeing and contradictory views. Furthermore, you are indubitably allowed to criticize or argue the content, but you certainly may not attack the blogger, nor any other commenters.

Purpose and Value: Any comment that does not have a benevolent purpose or hold a real value may be altered, moved, or deleted. For example, a comment that does not add anything to a conversation or is not relevant at all will be deleted.

Limit Links: In order to prevent spam and pledge quality, a limitation on the quantity of links in comments allowed has been set. You should not add more than two links in the comment. If you proceed so, your comment will be further inspected. Moreover, you may not promote your site or any affiliates by signing your comments with a backlink for those deliberate purposes. They will unquestionably be removed. Only links that are relevant and resourceful will be permitted.

All Rights Reserved: I reserve the privilege to alter, delete, move, or designate as spam any comments. I also have the prerogative to restrict access to any individual or group from commenting or from the entire blog.

Accountability: All comments made on this site are the responsibility of the commenters, not the staff of this site. When you submit a comment on my blog, you concur that the content is truly yours and not someone else’s. You also assent to hold all representatives and subsidiaries of this site innocuous from any and all reverberations, ruins, or liability.