Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List & Killer Tips

by Sunny Hoi


This Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List not only informs beginner and veteran players the strongest/weaker killers in the game but also gives tips on how to play each individual killer effectively against skilled survivor players.

With DLCs being released consistently, players often ask how many killers are in Dead by Daylight.

There are currently 14 killers in Dead by Daylight.

The newest killer is The Legion from the latest DLC, The Darkness Among Us.

Tier 1


The Nurse is frequently considered as the best killer in the game. Notably, she is perceived as a killer you ought to master, not merely a killer you pick up and start playing well.

When you first play the Nurse against survivors, you’ll very likely find yourself struggling against survivors and feel like you just want to quit the match immediately. Missing a blink is a disadvantage to the killer because this permits survivors plenty of time to flee.

The Nurse requires a tremendous amount of practice to master successfully. She is undoubtedly the hardest killer in Dead by Daylight to play correctly.

The Nurse player must possess map awareness and knowledge of the maps to successfully beat survivors. Knowing when and where to blink is crucial to being a good Nurse player. Thus, mastering the Nurse requires a significant learning curve.

The Nurse’s aptitude to surprise and capture survivors is unparalleled.

It’s all about muscle memory and grasping the times of the Nurse’s blink.

She pays no attention to windows and pallets because she can get through them quickly.

The most important thing to remember is that an exceptionally brilliant Nurse player that holds a superior understanding of the game (Survivor/Killer perks, etc.) will be impossible to defeat. Such Nurse players are scarce and will be an absolute nightmare for survivors to defeat if encountered.


The Hillbilly is easily one of the best killers in Dead by Daylight. His ability to control the map with his frightening presence and chainsaw renders him as a killer who can take down survivors in one single shot whenever successful contact is made.

Good Hillbilly players often find themselves not using the chainsaw to attack survivors, but for improved movement speeds for travelling across the map.

To become one of the best Hillbilly players is to acquire directional control using the chainsaw and to be capable of taking down enemy survivors using the chainsaw without significant control issues.

A beginner Hillybilly will likely sprint and resort to using the mallet to take down players.


The Spirit is an excellent killer who can surprise and capture survivors who are not paying attention with Yamaoka’s Haunting which permits her to teleport from one location to another stealthily without attracting attention from survivors.

Her phase-walking ability is strong enough to replace the fact that she doesn’t have a one-shot takedown ability. Thus, the Spirit can stealthily surprise enemy survivors easily.

A good Spirit player knows how to put pressure on the map and maintain control effortlessly.

Tier 2


The Doctor has two different modes that he can switch during gameplay.

Punishment mode allows killers to move at a standard speed and this mode permits the Doctor to attack survivors with his stick.

Treatment mode allows the Doctor player to build up the madness level of survivors and the zap itself will drastically increase the madness level. Treatment mode’s weakness is being unable to physically attack the survivors, and the Doctor moves at a slower speed compared to punishment mode.

When a survivor’s madness increases, they will scream which reveals their location to the killer. Hence, it’s difficult to stealth against the Doctor which forces the survivors to play and adapt accordingly.

The Doctor can also render various skill checks to appear on the survivor’s screen in a random place unexpectedly, and illusionary doctors may appear.

Good Doctors will understand that survivors and lockers are not affected by the static field of the terror radius and the shock attack.

More importantly, add-ons are essential to good Doctor players because they alter significantly how the killer plays.

The Shock Therapy attack is excellent as it stuns enemy survivors, rendering them incapable of dropping pallets and hurdling through windows for a short duration.


The Clown is a great balanced DLC killer who simply doesn’t feel overpowered. He is fun to play and requires skill to play effectively at the same time.

The Clown’s afterpiece tonic has four base charges of throwable bottles which have the ability to produce a cloud of intoxicating gas.

The Clown’s bottles can visually disorient survivors which also slows them down, giving the killer an advantage. Furthermore, he can throw the bottles at a farther distance by charging.

What separates between a good and bad Clown player is that a good Clown player has acquired more of a rational understanding in playstyle and is more prepared in terms of strategies regarding bottle placement and map positioning.

Michael Myers

Michael Myer’s ability is the Evil Within. When stalking and staring at survivors, a white outline will surround the survivors. The longer the white outline continues, the more you will fill up your stalk meter with a red colour.

Eventually, Michael Myers will reach the 2nd level of Evil Within. He gains improved benefits when progressing through these various levels of Evil Within.

Thus, his terror radius and powers grow. Evil Within 3 is excellent since Myers can take down survivors with one shot.

A good Myers player knows to accumulate stalk meter as fast as possible. Go to a survivor, get extremely close, and stalk for a fraction of a second which will result in an instant down with a stab.

When a good Myers player gets to Evil Within 3, survivors frequently find themselves in a frightening positioning of being instantly downed. Add-ons can alter how Myers will play.


The Huntress is a solid killer that tosses her hunting hatchets to attack survivors from a distance. Her ranged attacks permit her to throw hatches over dropped pallets. Hence, survivors have to always quickly plan their next move against the Huntress.

Initially, the Huntress has five hatches. The more charge she has, the quicker the throw will be. A weakness of the Huntress is that she cannot attack while winding up which also slows down her movement speed. Nonetheless, using her regular attack will cancel and return to her normal speed.

Her lack of movement speed means she moves slower than other killers. The Huntress’s terror radius differs where her heartbeat starts at twenty meters in contrast to other killers’ heartbeat range being thirty-two meters. Also, the Huntress hums a lullaby beginning at forty-five meters.

Skilled survivors will avoid walking in a straight line which can result in the Huntress being unable to aim their hatches at them.

Good Huntress players can accurately predict what the survivors are about to do or plan next. In some maps, the Huntress struggles due to the layout of the maps and skilled survivors.

The inconsistency of hatches thrown by the Huntress can frustrate even the most experienced killers.
Therefore, the Huntress definitely requires a lot of practice and skill to master effectively.


The Cannibal uses Bubba’s Chainsaw to charge the chainsaw which also slightly reduces movement speed. Once released, the Cannibal will frenzy attack which may be employed to attack multiple survivors simultaneously.

Higher ranked survivors will know how to counter Cannibal’s chainsaw through windows and dropping pallets at the correct time.

A good Cannibal player understands that if there is a pallet or window close to the survivor, it will just be better to mallet the survivor as they are going to escape. If there are any pallets or windows nearby, the killer should only use the chainsaw to bring down the survivor.

High ranked Cannibal players know the time constraints they have when going against survivors in a chase. Survivors may find a place that is safe for them while chasing when prevents the Cannibal from bringing them down. If there is a short duration, the killer should mallet the survivor. If the duration is longer, the chainsaw should be used instead.


The Pig is a sneaky killer who can hide and ambush other survivors. A strength of the Pig is the lack of terror radius while crouched. Thus, she can partake in an ambush attack.

The Pig deploys reverse bear traps on dying survivors. When such traps detonate, it will eliminate them without the killer needing to hook them.

Her Jigsaw boxes may contain a key to remove the trap. The boxes have skill checks similar to generators. If the survivor fails the skill check, the Pig will be notified.

Unfortunately, the Pig doesn’t have other benefits other than the advantages mentioned above for chasing down an enemy survivor. Her traps are merely intended to delay the game which could potentially benefit her as she creates new strategies to overwhelm the survivors.

A good survivor will look for the Jigsaw boxes and complete all skill checks successfully without failing a single one of them. When survivors work together, they can defeat a good Pig player.

A good Pig player will carefully conceal themselves and stay close to the Jigsaw boxes at an appropriate time while also considering the fact that other survivors may be doing generators simultaneously.

The Pig can crouch and camp which are benefits worth considering in the planning phase.

A skilled Pig player will also understand that traps are not always necessary as the Pig can still hook survivors three times.

The Legion

Shortly after the latest DLC, Darkness Among Us, Dead by Daylight fans have maintained that The Legion is the worst killer in the game, purportedly being Freddie Krueger’s successor in being the overall worst killer in Dead by Daylight.

Truthfully, the Legion is a middle tiered killer who is not only viable but also competitively better than Freddie Krueger.

The Legion holds a Frenzy power gauge that accumulates over time. The Legion arrives into a deadly rage when feral frenzy is activated. In this state, the killer will sprint faster than the base movement speed.

Unfortunately, the Legion is unable to break pallets while the power is active but can vault pallets. Attacking survivors will apply deep wounds, injure them, and refill the Legion’s whole gauge.

One weakness of the Legion is that he solely has 110% movement speed which means he will get looped easily without deploying his ability. It takes four hits to take down a survivor affected by deep wound employing the Legion’s ability.

Decent survivors understand that they don’t need to heal against the Legion killer. Mending stops the bleeding. The Legion is great at delaying the game.

Experienced survivors know that they don’t require to heal a second time and that staying injured the entire duration is okay as hitting a frenzy achieves the same results.

A good Legion player will be able to injure most of the survivors all the time. This would put pressure on survivors to heal themselves or quickly work on a generator which leaves them extremely vulnerable to getting one shot downed.

Clever survivors understand that while the Legion is chasing down a survivor or hooking, the other survivors will quickly go hide and heal themselves when the safe opportunity exists.

Ultimately, Dead by Daylight players should not avoid playing The Legion. Purchasing the DLC is a good idea as the perks included are decent.


The Trapper starts the game with one base bear trap. He places bear traps to trap survivors when they step on them.

Survivors can easily break the traps, but the Trapper gets notified that a survivor has stepped into a trap via sound and aura. Therefore, when survivors are trapped, they should start running away immediately after breaking the traps.

The Trapper has the fastest base movement speed in Dead by Daylight.

A good Trapper player will understand the significance of trap placements. Placing traps where survivors don’t expect them to be located can benefit the killer. Traps may be disabled or destroyed.

The Trapper relies too heavily on his traps which don’t always trap survivors successfully as they can be easily avoided.


Like the Trapper, the Hag relies on Phantasm traps to capture the survivors. As a survivor locates a trap set by the Hag the killer’s illusion comes into sight in front of them.

When survivors get caught in a Phantasm trap, the Hag can come into the illusion where enemy survivors are located nearby or employ it as bait to put down survivors.

A good Hag player will know that trap placements play a significant role in the game versus survivors.
The Hag can delay a game and upset survivors with clever trap placements. The Hag clearly possesses mobility with her traps which can’t be said with The Trapper.

Tier 3


The Wrath is an okay killer that uses the wailing bell to start the game in an invisible state which grants no terror radius.

Ringing the bell a second time allows the Wrath to become invisible again. Being invisible means not being able to attack survivors. The Bell sound can be heard from a distance. But at least the Wrath is still better than Freddie.

A good Wrath player will know that while uncloaking themselves as survivors are running away, the wrath can just stop uncloaking. This means the killer won’t lose movement speed.

Another way to play the Wrath effectively is using the killer’s body to block a survivor while they are doing a generator. This will prevent the survivor from getting past the wrath and running away. If survivors sprint quickly, they will disappear when the Wrath starts uncloaking.

Besides his invisibility, the Wrath lacks other alternatives for assisting him in chasing down survivors.

Freddie Krueger

Unfortunately, Freddie Kreuger has remained as the weakest killer in Dead by Daylight. He definitely requires some buffs in a future content update.

Freddie’s power ability is the dream demon. Survivors who are awake cannot see or communicate with him. Freddy is unable to attack survivors who are awake. His terror radius is via humming.

When Freddie uses dream demon, he puts the enemy survivor to sleep over a couple of seconds. Once the survivor is asleep, Freddy can finally attack the survivor. Survivors can carry out a wake-up action to awake themselves or by failing a skill check.

Freddie is an effective killer only when facing against lower ranking survivors. When he faces skilled survivors at high ranks, he indisputably faces the greatest difficulty out of all the killers in the game.

A significant issue with Freddie is that his power doesn’t assist him in any chases. Another disadvantage Freddie hold is being unable to attack survivors while they are working on generators.

Freddie cannot stop an enemy survivor from unhooking or stopping survivors from escaping at the end of a game without using his dream demon power to put them to sleep.

An experienced Freddie player will know to get all survivors into the dream state as swiftly as possible. The killer will also understand the importance of keeping the survivors in the dream state as long as possible.

If a survivor is hooked, there is apparently no point in camping effectively and consistently. In the hands of an experienced player, Freddie can dominate easily in lower ranked games. But in higher ranks, Freddie will struggle easily.


The majority of the best killers in Dead by Daylight are in fact free to play killers. Beginner Dead by Daylight players may think that DLC licensed killers are indisputably the best, but this is of course false. They are merely adequate but are good when in the hands of an intelligent player.

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