FBI Seize DeepDotWeb Sites And Arrest Its Administrators

by Sunny Hoi

The FBI has arrested numerous individuals on suspicion of involvement in running a popular news site called DeepDotWeb that referred users to darknet sites and marketplaces where they could purchase illicit goods.

Law enforcement agencies have arrests many suspects in various countries including Israel, France, Brazil, Germany, and the Netherlands for their involvement in running the DeepDotWeb sites.

According to Israeli law enforcement, Deep Dot Web is said to have been raking in millions of dollars in commission through their affiliate marketing business which involves providing referral links to dark web marketplaces, reachable solely at .onion domains over the Tor network.

Both DeepDotWeb’s .onion site and clearnet site have been seized by the FBI and United States Department of Justice. The reason for the seizure of its web properties refers to U.S. money laundering legislation, notably U.S.C. § 1956.

Purportedly, the owners of DeepDotWeb have acquired bitcoin from black market websites in exchange for distributing links to them.

The FBI did not immediately comment, but Israel authorities told local media that they arrested two Israelis as part of an international operation to apprehend the site administrators of DeepDotWeb.

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