GandCrab Ransomware: New Free Decryption Tool Unlocks Latest Versions

by Sunny Hoi

A new decryption tool that unlocks one of the most prevalent families of ransomware by permitting victims to recover their encrypted files for free has been released on No More Ransom.

This tool has been released collaboratively by Romanian cybersecurity company Bitdefender and multiple law enforcement agencies around the world, including the Europol, United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency and Metropolitan Police, Romanian DIICOT, and law enforcement agencies across Europe.

The latest version of GandCrab decryptor counteracts versions 1 to 4 and the most recent versions 5 to 5.2. The cybercriminals behind GandCrab assert that the ransomware has extorted more than $2 billion in ransom payments from victims who ultimately paid to obtain the decryption key to acquire their files back safely.

The newest version of the GandCrab decryptor arrives briefly after the authors of the ransomware announced that they were going to retire with millions of dollars already in possession.

GandCrab permitted cybercriminals of any level to purchase ready-made kits that assisted in making cyber attacks easy to disseminate in exchange for 40% portion of profit going to the ransomware creators.

While ransomware renters may still disseminate GandCrab for the time being, the closure of the operation indicates that it will not stay profitable for much time. Nevertheless, it may still possibly generate problems for victims, not solely through malware infections, but as GandCrab illegal operations eventually halt, it illustrates that although victims might pay the ransom fee, they will not acquire their files back successfully.

Even though GandCrab is coming to an end, malware is still a significant threat to organizations of any size, and organizations should learn how to better protect against such cyber threats.

Law enforcement agencies such as the FBI advise victims of ransomware to refrain from paying ransom demands as it funds crime unless it is absolutely necessary and there is no other method to recover the encrypted files at all.

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