Hacktivist Phineas Fisher Offers $100,000 In Bitcoin Or Monero As Bounty For Hacking Banks & Oil Companies

by 1337pwn Staff

Phineas Fisher, an anonymous hacktivist known for leaks from high-profile firms, will pay up to $100,000 to other hackers for stealing and leaking controversial documents from large companies, Vice reports.

Two large companies that were mentioned as examples of targets by Fisher include Israeli spyware vendor NSO Group and American oil company Halliburton.

Furthermore, Phineas Fisher referred to mining and livestock companies in South America as other examples of targets.

Phineas Fisher stated that he would pay in cryptocurrencies (Bounty), including Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (XMR).

Fostering Hacktivism

In spite of the notoriety as an unidentified hacker who carried out cyberattacks on Anglo-German surveillance vendor Gamma Group, Milan-based IT company Hacking Team, a Turkish ruling party from 2014 to 2016, and a Spanish Police Union, Phineas Fisher partakes in cyber intrusions that benefit the public’s interest.

In his manifesto, Fisher stated, “Hacking to obtain and leak documents with public interest is one of the best ways for hackers to use their abilities to benefit society.”

“Computer hacking is a powerful tool to fight economic inequality,” Phineas Fisher wrote in the manifesto. “I’m not trying to make anyone rich. I’m just trying to provide enough funds so that hackers can make a decent living doing a good job.”

Successfully Hacking A Bank

Moreover, Phineas Fisher pointed out that he was able to successfully hack an offshore bank called the Cayman National Bank from the Isle of Man.

In the identical manifesto, Fisher said that he was able to steal money, documents, and emails and invited other “hacktivists” to join in their “fight against inequality and capitalism.”

“I robbed a bank and gave the money away,” Fisher wrote in his latest manifesto, adding that he successfully breached the bank in 2016.

Significantly, Fisher stated that he already gave away all the money he illicitly stole from the Isle of Man Bank, though he possesses more money from “recent, undisclosed hacks” that will be utilized to pay up the bounties.

How Hackers Avoid Getting Caught

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Phineas Fisher is exceptionally skilled and experienced in avoiding getting caught.

Essentially, Fisher deploys every technique experienced hackers deploy, such as using Tor to render their connections anonymous or additional proxies, utilizing publicly available penetration testing tools, and using Bitcoin in order to pay for their attack infrastructure anonymously which they use in future cyber attacks.

As Bitcoin can be quite easy to trace, Phineas Fisher used funds that he stole from other individuals to pay for the servers that were used in the attacks.

Fisher used the stolen funds to his own advantage, which ultimately allowed him to avoid being caught by law enforcement investigators.

The true identity of Phineas Fisher remains anonymous. Thus, the individual has not been identified by law enforcement agencies.

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