How To Avoid Buying A Domain With Fake PageRank

by Sunny Hoi

Flipping sites is a pleasant way to make money online, yet part of purchasing a domain to flip involves researching the domain. A bug in the Google PageRank system permits webmasters to deceive the PageRank tool. Additionally, the ploy misleads PageRank checking sites online, which are also employed to look at the PageRank of a site.

It’s important not to be tricked by fake PageRank when you buy a site.

This article informs you on the ways to check for fake PageRank for any site which ultimately allows you to avoid buying a domain with faked PageRank.

1. Check the Domain URL with Google Info Operator.

Do a Google Search by typing ‘info:domain’ where ‘domain’ is the site URL you are interested in researching. Confirm that the URL illustrated in green is identical to the URL you want to buy.

To find out whether the owner of the domain forwarded his URL to a high-ranking PageRank site to fake his PageRank, click on the link shown. If the link you clicked is different than the URL indicated in green, then the domain has faked PageRank.

This is by far the most simple and quickest way to check for a fake PageRank site.

2. Check the Website’s Archives along with Google Cache.

A domain that has a high PageRank needs to have an established history. Therefore, check the site’s history using which shows the site during particular periods of time. A domain that holds a high PageRank must have many years of history. Hence, lets you substantiate that the domain existed and acquired good content.

3. Check the Website’s Backlinks.

Google PageRank is completely calculated using backlinks. Backlinks are tallied as votes for a website. Every backlink gathers and builds up more points for the marketed site. The Google link operator shows a sample of every link for a website. Generally, a site that has fake PageRank will not have links shown when employing the Google link operator.

Nevertheless, you may also use tools like SEMRush and Majestic SEO to locate all links for a site. By using these valuable tools, you can collect numerous links associated with a site. Sites with fake PageRank merely possess a few links, and none of the links are from high-quality, reputable sites.

Implications and Conclusion

The consequence for buying a domain with faked PageRank is that Google eventually drops the PageRank after many weeks have passed. Webmasters deceived into purchasing these domains pay a hefty price. More importantly, they are deprived of their assets once the website’s PageRank is depreciated. Before you buy any domain that claims to have a high PageRank, make sure to conduct proper research to confirm the PageRank. Websites with a high PageRank are substantially pricier, thus developing an awareness that there are scammers out there is vital when buying these domains.

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