How To Buy Cardano (ADA) With A Credit Card On Coindirect

by 1337pwn Staff

What Is Cardano?

Cardano has rapidly become important in a congested market after its initial launch in September 2017. It was developed by Charles Hoskinson, an ex Ethereum (ETH) co-founder and founder of Cardano (ADA).

Cardano fundamentally serves as a cryptocurrency project that was geared towards addressing the shortcomings of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Cardano’s official cryptocurrency coin is named Ada, and it is presently merely available on a small number of crypto exchanges.

Crypto specialists, enthusiasts, and investors who are interested in Cardano may ultimately make significant profits if Ada takes off.

Cardano takes the smart contract notion from Ethereum, though it aims to provide even greater additional sophisticated features than any other protocol already made available publicly.

Ada shall be ready for running decentralized applications, smart contracts, and financial applications.

This goal could be achieved when research is granted as the first priority to a team of international cryptocurrency professionals and specialists.

Evidently, Cardano has significant potential as it holds a research-first motivated approach.

Creating A Free Cardano Wallet

1. To buy Cardano, you will want to first sign up for a free Coindirect account as it will provide you with a Cardano online wallet.

With a Cardano wallet, you may purchase, sell, store, withdraw, and receive ADA.

After you have created your Coindirect account, you will want to click on the “Receive” button that will show your Coindirect Cardano wallet address.

Buying Cardano

2. After locating your Cardano wallet, you will proceed by clicking on the “Buy” button in your Cardano wallet.

3. Choose “New VISA Card (EUR)” or “New credit card (NGN)” if you reside in Nigeria.

4. Type in the EUR value of Cardano that you wish to buy (Above the minimum limit) or the Ada amount you wish to purchase. Proceed by clicking on the “Preview Buy” button.

5. You will obtain a quote. Click on the “Confirm” button before the timer expires.

6. Enter your credit card information and pay.

7. You will be transferred to a web page that will check and confirm your transaction.

8. You will be transferred back to your Coindirect wallet after your payment goes through.

Funding your Coindirect ZAR Wallet/Euro Wallet

Provided that you reside in Europe (SEPA nation) or South Africa, you may deposit ZAR and EUR into your Coindirect ZAR Wallet/Euro Wallet accordingly.

If you want to fund your account, you will need to utilize bank transfers to transfer money.

To obtain the funding directions so that your account is credited, follow the subsequent steps:

1. Get to your ZAR/EUR wallet and click on the “Fund now” button. Another way is to click on the “Fund” tab in your Coindirect wallet and click on “Transfer Now”.

2. Choose the bank to transfer to from the drop-down menu to acquire the payment information and the reference you should utilize.

3. Transfer the money from your bank account into the account displayed on the screen then proceed to wait for the bank transfer to be processed. This may take up to three business days contingent on the financial institution.

4. After the funds are reflected in your ZAR wallet, continue by going into your Cardano wallet and clicking on the “Buy” button. Choose “Wallet (ZAR)” or “Wallet (EUR) as your payment method.

Coindirect Credit Card Purchase Limits

Bear in mind that Coindirect has imposed limits for credit card purchases.

Ensure that your Coindirect account is verified if you wish for your credit card purchase limits to be increased.

Presently, the limits for credit card purchases are:

Selling Cardano

You may sell Cardano from your Coindirect wallet by clicking on the “Sell” button in your Cardano wallet.

Provided that you are in a SEPA nation or South Africa, you may sell your Cardano and immediately get money transferred to your Wallet (ZAR/EUR).

In the event that you are in another area with no local currency wallet, you may sell your Cardano by establishing a sell offer on the Coindirect marketplace.

Download Coindirect App

You now understand how to buy Cardano right away from just about anywhere in the globe. For convenience, you may want to download the Coindirect App to trade Cardano easily.

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