Marshall Woburn I (1) vs Woburn II (2) Bluetooth Speaker

by Sunny Hoi


Evidently, potential purchasers of the Woburn II are going to be wondering the differences between the original Marshall Woburn I (1) and the new second version, the Woburn II (2).

Well, there are a few differences. Some obvious and some not so apparent differences. The last difference is the most important that only be experienced.

We have already reviewed the recently released Woburn II here.

Information Regarding The Woburn I

Optical Input

The first difference is that the newer Woburn II lacks an optical input. The original first Woburn has an optical input.

Stereo Cable With Two 3.5 mm Plugs

The second difference is that the Marshall does not include a coiled double-ended stereo cable with two 3.5 mm plugs in the Woburn II. The first Woburn included such an accessory in the box.


Marshall’s Woburn I

The third difference is that the first Woburn possessed a two position switch where the listener could click in one way to turn off the speaker and click the other way to turn it on.

Marshall’s Woburn II

Whereas, the Woburn II has a switch that feels functionality different, but further illustrates that Marshall ultimately favours elegant aesthetics over added functionality.

Woburn II holds a small lever switch for turning on and off the speaker’s power. As the music fan pushes the switch forward, the speaker will turn on and go back to its initial location.

Button Placement

The fourth difference is that Woburn I has two small round buttons for source/wake and pairing.

Whereas, the revised Woburn II has one small round audio source button on the left for changing between Bluetooth, RCA, or aux and another small round located on the right for playing or pausing the music.

Therefore, placement of the buttons is slightly more separated on the newer Woburn than on the older model.

50 Watt Class D Amplifiers

The fifth difference is the most important and makes upgrading from the Woburn I (One) to Woburn II (Two) worth it. This difference which can’t be seen but heard and experienced is that the updated Woburn II has two 50 Watt Class D amplifiers for the dual (two) 5.25″ subwoofers.

In contrast, the original older first Woburn has one 50 Watt Class D amplifier for the dual (two) 5.25″ subwoofers.


If you are deciding whether to buy a Woburn II and do not already have a Woburn I, the answer should be a yes. 

Be sure to check our review of the Woburn II here.

If you already own the first Woburn and are deciding whether to buy the second revision, we confidently believe it is worth the upgrade because of the improved audio experience.

Both versions are fantastic and we recommend them both!

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