Marshall Woburn II Bluetooth Speaker Review

by Sunny Hoi


It’s been a couple of years that the Marshall brand has been transiting from music amplifiers and speaker cabinets into the home speaker audio territory with their Bluetooth speakers and personal headphones.

The Marshall Woburn II Bluetooth constitutes as the flagship product for the company’s recently renewed line of Bluetooth speakers.

The new second revisions of Marshall Acton ($349.99 CAD), Stanmore ($479.99 CAD), and Woburn ($749.99 CAD ) speakers now include Bluetooth 5.0, an improved digital signal processor.

All three models in the new lineup are impressive. However, with the new Marshall Woburn II, the Marshall brand has truly conveyed their hard rock tradition.

The Marshall Woburn II Bluetooth speaker is a beast that packs a punch and resembles the elegant retro look of its world-famous guitar amplifiers.


The Marshall Woburn II costs $749.99 (CAD). Thus, this top-of-the-line Marshall speaker is more expensive in Canada than the United States ($549.99).

The $200.00 price fluctuation in Canada may appear to be extremely expensive and unjustifiable to the average consumer considering the lack of Amazon Alexa or Wi-Fi in the device.

Nevertheless, buying the device grants you an iconic retro design strongly reminiscent of Marshall’s gorgeous world-famous guitar amplifiers.

Significantly, the money also permits you the experience of a thrill comprising rich sound that may fabulously fill any room without needing any other speakers.

One important reminder is that the Swedish company manufacturing and developing the Marshall speakers and headphones is Zound Industries who offers four distinctive brands: Marshall, Molami, Urbanears, and Coloud.

Nonetheless, there is a collaboration between Marshall and Zound Industries.

Design & Connectivity

Virtually all Marshall products derive their visual aspirations from amplifiers. Interestingly, the Marshall Woburn II Bluetooth speaker surprisingly resembles an actual Marshall guitar amplifier.

The Woburn II is big (15.75 x 12.20 x 7.87 in) and weighs in at 18.85 pounds. However, it’s physical size didn’t discourage us from placing it on our bedroom desk. 

There was absolutely no problem placing the speaker on the limited sized desk. The device may sit next to actual guitar amplifiers and not appear incongruous at all.

The size is not intimidating at all. For us, we feel it is ideal for a flagship Marshall speaker. At its current size, it allows the listener to transport the device when necessary without a struggle.

The leather-looking material surrounds the Woburn II accompanied by a grille and well-known Marshall logo in gold at the front. It’s designed to be seen.

At the top, there is a brushed gold aluminum control panel with dials reminiscent of a guitar amplifier that allows individual adjustments of the volume, bass, treble.

In fact, the speaker looks very similar to a Marshall guitar amplifier I bought years ago.

There is also a small lever switch for turning on and off the power of the speaker. When the switch is pushed forwards, the speaker turns on and then goes back to its initial location.

A small round audio source button also exists on top, permitting the listener to change between Bluetooth, RCA, or aux. Also, a play/pause button exists beyond the dials.

Of course, the knobs, power-switch, audio source button, play/pause button and front-face plate are also brushed gold aluminum. Merely looking at the device draws attention from anyone. Indeed, an eye-catcher.

Regarding inputs, we can find a 3.5mm aux input at the top and an RCA input located on the back panel of the speaker.

When we examine the rear panel of the Woburn II, we see the connection input for our power cable and the aforementioned RCA input.

The speaker deploys Bluetooth 5.0 with QUALCOMM aptX, providing us with a continuous connectivity experience to our mobile devices. We could connect up to two devices at once using the multi-host Bluetooth functionality available.

The speaker lacks smart features and Wi-Fi connectivity which are present in cheaper Marshall speakers such as the Stanmore II Wi-Fi Multi-room Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Voice Control. We feel that these features would have been nice in a top-of-the-line speaker from the same company that manufactures the lower priced middle tiered Stanmore II.

Nevertheless, the superb build and sound quality make up for some of the features and connectivity it is lacking.

With AUX and RCA connectivity, the Marshall Woburn II is an extremely functional beast for passionate music lovers who aren’t afraid of spending a little.

Accessories Included

Besides the included power cable, there are no included cables for the 3.5mm aux input and RCA input. At this high price, we would have liked to see such accessories included by Marshall.


Regarding the Woburn II’s audio specifications, the speaker has two 15 Watt Class D amplifiers powering the two tweeters and two 50 Watt Class D amplifiers powering the two 5.25″ subwoofers.

Regardless of the audio source you are pairing the Woburn II with, the speaker is capable of going beyond loud.

What we also discovered is that the Woburn II sounds excellent at any volume we set it at. The genres it sounded well with weren’t limited at all.

Don’t want to disturb your neighbours at night? No problem. Lowering the volume still makes the sound coming out of the speaker appear as intricate as it does at ordinary listening levels.

Increase the volume drastically to 10 and the speaker will vibrate through walls. There is no los of clarity when increasing or decreasing the volume of our music.

We did find that we enjoyed the speaker more when we continued to increase the volume levels. The speaker sounded particularly well with rock music which isn’t much of a surprise given Marshall’s hard rock tradition.

Significantly, the speaker can offer a broad breathtaking audio experience similar to hearing your favourite artist in a huge concert. All of this can be experienced in the comfort of your own home.

When we played the speaker in the bedroom at the medium volume, we could hear the ground shaking when we were in the bathroom. The bass and thump sound was impressive.

To luxuriate in the Woburn II to the highest potential will render you disliked by your neighbours as this beast shines when played loud.

Indisputably, the Woburn II sure can facilitate huge parties without the assistance of extra speakers. However, the crucial thing to remember is that the Woburn II isn’t afraid to spend the nightfall alone with its listener, playing a poignant ballad.

The free Marshall Bluetooth app is frequently updated and improved. The last update at the time of our review was corrections and stability improvements which show how the company is committed to continually providing a superior experience to its listeners.

Moreover, firmware updates are also available for the Woburn II. 

The Marshall Bluetooth can also wake the speaker up from standby mode which is convenient.

The Marshall Bluetooth app also provides additional functionality. We can pair the Woburn II with another speaker to render a stereo pair, alter the red brightness of the status LEDs, and switch on and off the audio prompts when desired.

This app is fantastic since it also provides the music fan customization options such as distinct Equalizer (EQ) presets. We can even create our own EQ preset to use with the speaker to satisfy our musical tastes.

The app is effective together with the gold bass and treble knobs on the Woburn II, permitting the listener to tweak the sound according to their preferences.

Desire more bass and less treble in your music? No problem, adjust the knobs accordingly. There is just an astonishing amount of customization options available for refining your music. After altering the sound settings, we can experience new life and sound in an artist’s contribution.

Since we love different genres of music, it makes sense to have various EQ presets.

Regardless of the EQ present used, the sound is always cordial.

Well done, Marshall.

Woburn I (1) vs Woburn II (2)

If you are interested in understanding the differences between Woburn I and Woburn II, please refer to our other detailed article explaining such differences.

Understanding Woburn I vs Woburn II is vital in helping you decide whether it is worth buying the newer model or buying an older discounted model.


Marshall’s Woburn II Bluetooth speaker is absolutely marvellous and worth its price.

It may be the most expensive of the new line-up. But we contend that it is not expensive for the things it provides which are design, build quality, and sound quality.

If you are concerned about the price, consider the smaller but still powerful Stanmore II Bluetooth or Acton II Bluetooth.

If you desire more functionality like Amazon Alexa and Wi-Fi connectivity in a smaller powerful package, consider the Stanmore II Smart Speaker or Acton II Smart Speaker.

They look identical, utilize the same app, and contain the essential features found in the Woburn II. Keep in mind that the top-of-the-line Woburn II dominates in sound quality and soundstage since it has an additional 5.25″ subwoofer and 50 Watt Class D amplifier.

The collaboration between Marshall and Zound Industries clearly shows success in developing a superior audio experience that satisfies concertgoers and music fans around the globe.

The upgraded Woburn II is an outstanding all-in-one wireless speaker that is welcome in the home of any passionate music lover.

We conclude this review with three words for Marshall’s flagship Woburn II:




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