Russian Hacker Who Claimed Responsibility For Hacking DNC Servers Says FSB Handlers Also Asked Him To Hack Company Owned By “Putin’s Chef”

by 1337pwn Staff

Konstantin Kozlovsky, a member of the infamous Russian hacking group Lurk, reportedly stated during an interrogation that his group attracted the attention of investigators merely after it tried to steal $357,650 (23 million rubles) from a company known as Concord Catering.

The Concord Catering company was owned by Evgeny Prigozhin, a restaurant owner whose relations to private military companies and the Putin administration have merited him the moniker “Putin’s chef.”

As reported by Russian online publication Znak, the Concord case initiated the prosecution of Lurk’s illicit activities despite the fact that the hacker group is accused of stealing more than $46.65 million (Three billion rubles) from several other companies and financial institutions.

Furthermore, Kozlovsky claimed that his Federal Security Service (FSB) handlers ordered him to hack the Democratic National Committee servers during the 2016 United States presidential election.

According to Kozlovsky, FSB agents provided Lurk information from Concord Catering in a sort of self-absorbed sting operation. The hacker contended that his handlers aimed to catch his hacker group after they had targeted an individual with close ties to Putin to raise their own authority within the FSB.

Messages sent among the Lurk hackers in May 2016 show that the group did not know that Prigozhin was the owner of the catering company they were targeting.

Kozlovsky has revealed his main FSB handler as Dmitry Dokuchayev, who was sentenced to six years in jail for treason in April 2019.

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