Computer Forensics

By Sunny Hoi

Forensic examination of logs contributes a significant function in contemporary cyber security. As a result of the precipitous amount of data involved and the developing intricacy of computer systems, the forensic scrutiny of logs is a time-consuming and intimidating duty.

Information accumulated in logs of a computer system is of pivotal importance to collect forensic evidence of investigated activities or intrusions against the system. Analysis of this information ought to be meticulous and credible, thus it furnishes itself to formal techniques.

Along with deploying industry standard forensic software, we provide cyber-forensic analysis for:

  • Website visit logs and internet cache inspection
  • Forensic analysis of log files and computer registry
  • Swap / META file inspection
  • Password recovery and removal
  • Email searches
  • Data decryption

We have tested techniques that have proven our capability to pinpoint as much evidence as possible for our customers.

We have the ability to assess and examine time-based meta data which empowers us to rapidly correlate contrasting information to perceive notable dates and times of interest pertaining to spoliation, exploitation, and other improper computer usage and pursuits.