Penetration Testing

By Sunny Hoi
Professional Penetration Testing Services

We offer professional penetration testing and critical vulnerability scanning services.

A penetration test will assist organizations in determining the flaws in their computer systems, web applications, and networks. We work with our clients to construct an accurate profile of what their principal business objective is and what the aim of their security assessment is. All customers receive a professional, detailed report of the pen test conducted. We deliver high-quality services tailored to the customer’s needs.

Our pen testing services are administered on a low volume basis. Because of the low volume of clients we accept, our pen testing engagements are chiefly focused on delivering high-intensity assessments. There is often a notable lead-in time that is needed for scheduling our pen testing services.

As with our other services like Managed Secure Cloud Hosting, we replicate and secure against:

  • Authentication attacks
  • Web API attacks
  • Data security vulnerabilities
  • Data validation vulnerabilities
  • Client side attacks
  • Authorization attacks
  • Configuration flaws
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Session attacks
  • Information exposure

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