Secure Cloud Hosting

By Sunny Hoi

We build compliant high-assurance systems utilizing our security and cloud computing expertise. As technology continues to advance in an era where malicious threat actors become a growing concern, the cloud brings a new set of obstacles.

Adopting a cloud security strategy that shields your organization from threat actors relates to the duties of how cautiously it’s managed, monitored, and optimized.

Maximize efficiency, recoup focus, and conduct with genuine peace of mind by offloading these tasks to us.

All Cloud Hosting Services are fully managed. We fully manage every aspect of the service for your business, including configuring technical settings and upgrading.

Our solutions come with an impressive collection of services:

  • Consultation
  • Design & Hardening
  • Expert Support
  • Performance Tuning
  • Site Migrations
  • Compliance Analysis
Secure WordPress/Drupal Cloud Hosting

We’re familiar with websites in and out, notably WordPress and Drupal. We have the security expertise and tech savviness that leaves you with a peace of mind. We are dedicated to keeping clients’ websites running smooth and secure.

WordPress and Drupal are exceptional open source CMS platforms, and many sites on the Internet are powered by both. Like any platform, WordPress and Drupal require consistent maintenance to achieve and maintain web application security. One missed plugin update or misconfiguration can introduce a new security flaw or server instability. We consistently manage and secure the cloud.

Any sites, notably unmaintained web applications, can be easily compromised by adversaries. With our high-quality services, having to worry about maintaining and securing your site becomes less of a hassle.

Keep in mind that we aren’t just familiar with WordPress, but also other content management systems like Drupal. Options for your next project, cloud environment, and security-driven architectures are vast.

Security is our top priority.

We secure against:

  • Authentication attacks
  • Web API attacks
  • Data security vulnerabilities
  • Data validation vulnerabilities
  • Client side attacks
  • Authorization attacks
  • Configuration flaws
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Session attacks
  • Information exposure

Anyone who wants a properly optimized and secured site that still permits them the flexibility of the WordPress or Drupal platform will find our services worthwhile.

We are currently accepting new clients. If you have a cloud project and are interested, you can contact Sunny via the site’s contact page.

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