TalkTalk Hacker Sentenced To 20 Months For Selling Stolen Data For £400,000 Worth Of Bitcoin

by Sunny Hoi

Elliot Gunton, aged 19 and of Old Catton, near Norwich, pleaded guilty to supplying online personal data and hacking services in return for thousands of pounds worth of cryptocurrency.

According to a press release published by Norfolk law enforcement, Gunton was sentenced to 20 months in jail and ordered to repay more than £400,000 (over $485,000 US) by the Norwich Crown Court.

In December 2016, Gunton was granted a 12-month youth rehabilitation order for hacking offences related to the massive data breach of TalkTalk which cost £42million ($51.03 Million US).

Earlier in June 2016, he was additionally granted a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order after he acknowledged to possession of illicit sexual images.

The court order prohibited him from taking any measures to conceal his internet browsing history by employing unique software or clandestine methods of accessing websites or files online.

Gunton used cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin (BTC) in an effort to conceal his illicit activities since he knew law enforcement was watching him.

Law enforcement seized his laptop in April after discovering software which allowed him to commit cybercrimes.

Digital forensic analysis of the laptop showed that he had offered to supply personal data of individuals, which would permit SIM swapping attacks. Moreover, investigators had found out that Gunton’s computer had indicated that he was conducting Bitcoin transactions.

In addition, law enforcement officers found evidence that Gutton was advertising compromised data and blackhat hacking services in return for £2,500 ($3,000 US) in Bitcoin.

Police were able to trace and seize £275,000 ($334,000) worth of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin under his possession and discovered conversations where he had discussed illegal activity.

In a Twitter post under one of his online handles “@Gambler”, Gunton shared a message which stated: “Having lots of money is cool… but having lots of money without people knowing is cooler”.

Gunton was charged with breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, hacking offenses, and money laundering.

Furthermore, the Norwich Crown Court granted him a three and a half year Community Behaviour Order, explicitly prohibiting Gutton from deleting his internet usage history, using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), or using the Tor network.

He is also forbidden from possessing or deploying any device capable of accessing the internet apart from easily controllable by the police.

Gunton also went by the handle “Gluz” online whereby he swapped notions with other hackers on a forum which he also utilized to advertise data he received.

In one post, he had mentioned possessing new details of noteworthy Instagram users, implying accounts had been recently compromised and not previously traded to others.

Gunton was detained last June and investigators had found a Rolex box in his closet during a search of his home. Police also discovered a Nano Ledger, which is a hardware wallet used to store his Bitcoin funds securely.

More than £400,000 (over $485,000 US) worth of cryptocurrency, primarily in Bitcoin, was found locked inside the Nano Ledger.

The 19-year-old declined to comment in a police interview or reveal the PIN details to access his hardware wallet.

Nevertheless, digital forensic examiners found out that Gunton had received 67.6 Bitcoins worth £381,000 ($462,951.58 US) via a sequence of substantial transactions.

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