Trump Declares National Emergency Over IT Threats Against U.S. Networks

by Sunny Hoi

The President of the United States has declared a national emergency to protect US communications networks from foreign adversaries.

President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday, efficiently barring US companies from deploying foreign telecoms considered to represent a security threat to the nation.

The order did not name any nation or company but declares a national emergency concerning threats against information technology services and communications.

Nevertheless, analysts imply the order is primarily addressed at Chinese telecommunication firms Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp.

The order doesn’t outright prohibit US sales by the corporations but would provide higher authority to the Commerce Department to examine any products and purchases by companies associated with adversarial nations such as China.

Various countries have raised alarming concerns on the possibility that products by foreign corporations may be employed by other countries like China for surveillance.

The United States has attempted without success to convince other governments to ban equipment produced by Huawei from 5G mobile networks that will connect large numbers of devices.

The US states that Chinese legislation impels Huawei to cooperate with Beijing’s intelligence agencies.

Huawei has denied that its products and activities pose any risks of espionage or damage.

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