White Hat SEO Tricks That Are Actually Black Hat Schemes

by Sunny Hoi

White hat SEO is mainly considered the appropriate, forthright way to boost rank in the search engines. Nonetheless, various techniques to increase rank in search engines are black hat beliefs with the ordinary fallacy that the techniques are white hat and adhere to guidelines. These fallacies may lead you to lose rank in predominant search engines such as Google since the techniques are forbidden by Google’s quality guidelines.


Keyword Density for Content

Various keyword density theories persist. The most prevailing keyword density techniques are utilizing keywords or keyword phrases three or four times for each 100 words. The ordinary keyword density figure employed is 3%. Nevertheless, search engines have never particularized any optimum number which shows that the keyword density theories are simply fallacies escalated on the Internet.

Keywords ought to be in the HTML title and H1 tags in your webpage’s code. However, keyword stuffing is an obsolete, black hat SEO trick that may, in reality, get your site punished and prohibited. Google is capable of analyzing any content and rank you appropriately, regardless of the number of times the keyword is situated in the content.

A more appropriate method to write content is to make sure that the keyword is established in the title, and write the content in a natural way. By writing naturally, you are increasing your chances of including synonyms and other important phrases people use to search for content on Google. Holding merely one targeted keyword phrase hinders the number of phrases you can naturally place into the content. Thus this results in a disadvantage to your site’s rank rather than a benefit.


Numerous Domains That Focus On The Same Niche

There are site owners that create many domains and set up the domain with comparable content. The webmaster will express discontentment when he is penalized since Google’s recommendations tell webmasters not to set up many domains that focus on the same niche and have comparable content. This technique is generally known as domain farming.

If you have numerous topics directed at several identical niche domains, you have to forward all the domains to one, principal site. Construct subfolders or subdomains for every topic.

Constructing various domains that target the same content and niche is contrary to Google’s recommendations. Consequently, Google punishes sites that employ this technique.

Some site owners try to interlink the domains to pass PageRank between the distinct domains. The issue is that this technique may result in your site’s PageRank being dropped to zero. Thus, this also leads to a significant drop in rank. If a webmaster decides to establish several domains, he ought to be sure that the domain holds separate topics and that they do not interlink with comparable domains in the site network.


Link Building and Spam

The majority of people recognize that backlinks increase Google PageRank and assists in establishing a greater authoritative website in the search engine’s algorithm. Backlinks ought to be natural and not bought. Some site owners produce backlinks by adopting purchased PageRank links, directories, forum profiles, and blog comments. Bought links are frequently considered a white hat technique if one does not publish spam comments.

Though all of these techniques are black hat, considering they do not abide to search engine recommendations. They are not natural. Legitimate backlinks are not purchased, and they are provided by readers who link back to fascinating, quality content.

Backlinks furnished by readers without link scheming and trading money are regarded natural, white hat and respecting Google’s recommendations.



Every technique mentioned here are perceived as white hat for the majority of webmasters. However, these techniques do not abide by Google’s recommendations, which renders them as black hat schemes that can sooner or later cause harm to your site’s search engine rank. The most legitimate way to perform well with any site is to pay attention to your visitors. This is done by consistently contributing fascinating content to the site and providing awesome customer support.

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